Snowlift® is a well-respected leader in the aviation snow removal industry. Snowlift’s® legacy began in 1958, and came under the leadership of Michael Ferrucci in 2003. Currently, Snowlift® is headed by the Ferrucci Family, which boasts over 60 years of combined experience in the industry. Aviation snow removal is a boutique business, and we work hard to provide our clients with the personalized service they deserve.

In providing our services, Snowlift® combines the tried and true snow removal methods, with new technology. Our vast fleet of heavy equipment, along with custom crafted melters and seasoned and innovative mechanics, allows us to provide more efficient services to our customers.

Our goal at Snowlift® is dedicated to providing punctual, professional, dependable, and efficient services to our customers. Here at Snowlift®, we are committed to mitigating and minimizing the disruptions suffered by our customers due to the unexpected nature of the winter weather. We are committed to facilitating our customers continued success.



PRESIDENT (in memoriam)

From an early age Michael was intrigued by imagining just how things worked, and always strived to figure out a way to make something work better. After a youth spent working at the local rental/equipment repair shop gathering both valuable experience in the rental business and the skill sets necessary to be truly innovative in mechanical matters, he then made the leap to start his own business.

In 1981, he founded Michael Ferrucci Repair, Inc., which focused on the repair of construction equipment and the rental and repair of landscaping equipment. In the winter seasons, Michael Ferrucci Repair, Inc. was also a subcontractor to Snowlift, one of the premier snow removal companies at the airports.

Today, thanks to years of hard work, laser-focused determination, and the support of his family, Michael was able to leave a legacy of two very successful affiliated companies—Michael Ferrucci Repair, Inc., and Snowlift®.

The ongoing success of Michael Ferrucci Repair, Inc. and Snowlift® ®is a testament to the Ferrucci Family, and their employees’ dedication, loyalty, and work ethic.



Rosemary has been involved with Michael’s plans, determined efforts and support from the start. In addition to supporting the growth and nourishing of the businesses during the early days and lean times, Rosemary provided supplementary support for not only the family but for the expansion of Michael’s efforts. She brings years of experience in Higher Education Administration and business acumen to keep the logistics of the operation updated and compliant with the changing environment of the industry and the demographic business concerns.



Following his graduation from college, Joseph has been at his father’s side throughout the years of growth and expansion. Joseph’s 20+ years of work with both companies allows him a thorough knowledge of such demanding and unique businesses. Joseph’s knowledge of operations is essential to the success of the companies.



Andrea brings a distinguished legal background as an added dimension to the strength of Snowlift® and Michael Ferrucci Repair, Inc. Andrea is able to apply her 15 years of practice in insurance litigation and appellate work to the companies and businesses she grew up learning. Her knowledge brings an added dimension and depth to the office.